How Much Laptop Memory Do I Need [Must Read Guide]

If you are landing on this page, I hope you find how much laptop memory I need? I guess it’s right?? If yes so, let us find out how essential a powerful RAM is in complementing the overall smooth functioning of your system. And find out how much laptop memory I need for web browsing, Media Streaming, Photo Editing, and playing games. 

How Much Laptop Memory Do I Need

One of the most frequently asked questions when buying a laptop is how much memory one needs on his laptop? It is a troubling question, and most people get confused while selecting the correct memory for their laptops.

It is now not very expensive to buy RAM for laptops, and that is why people prefer to buy more RAM for their laptops, but how much will be enough? Let’s solve this problem and find a suitable answer to this question.

How much laptop memory do I need?

In simple, but generally, it depends on the usage and purpose of your laptop. We have tried our best to find the most appropriate answer to this question and have provided some complex numbers for different users so that you can have a good idea of how much RAM will be enough to meet your requirements. 

More users are now more comfortable running complex programs on their laptops, which is why a good RAM is the need of the hour. An entry-level laptop would provide 4GB to 8GB of RAM to a top-tier high-performance machine loaded between 16 GB – 32 GB of RAM. 

For a Chromebook user that operates primarily with the help of the cloud and limited storage capacity, a recommended option would be 4GB of RAM as you wouldn’t need much in terms of RAM processing. But for a MacBook or Windows user, you should notch it up to at least 8GB of RAM as an entry option. 

RAM And Its Function

RAM(Random Access Memory), is stored just before processing. Whenever you load or open a program, it first enters the RAM. It is essential for the smooth operations of different activities on your laptop. It is a type of volatile memory and has many kinds. 

It also depends on your usage, whether you use your computer for routine activities, heavy gaming, graphic designing, or other activities. 

Will it Worth

This is why most of the best laptops in the market currently start with an 8GB RAM-powered system for an entry-level system. This way, you will be free to work on some decent graphic design work or play that high graphics game you heard about that was just released at your local store. But if you do have the funds and interest to buy a laptop for high-performance programming and gaming, 16GB RAM will make it worth your while. 

It depends on your personal preference for why you choose a tailor-made specification for your system. Some people own both a desktop and a laptop. A high-end desktop for their gaming requirements is much easier and affordable to upgrade when compared to a laptop. Then they usually stick to low-end laptops that can work for their study or basic office needs. 

Here are the factors that decide how much RAM you need. Let’s check them out, shall we?

Office Productivity ( Note Taking Laptop)

In-office productivity, one writes or edits documents and is usually a low-resource task. Microsoft office usage, working on word documents, making PowerPoint presentations, converting photos and files into pdf, excel spreadsheets all come in office productivity.

It is noted that generally, a memory of 4GB is enough for light usage of office productivity. At the same time, if you are working with multiple programs and opening thousands of pages at once, then go for a RAM of 8GB. 

Web Browsing

For basic web browsing, a memory of 4GB is enough for you, but if you are a heavy user, you should opt for at least 8GB of memory. It is noted that if a user opens more than 30 tabs, he will need a memory of about 10GB. 

Media Streaming

Media streaming means playing music or watching videos. If you use YouTube or any other media streaming app, a memory of 4GB may be enough for your daily demands. 

Photo Editing

Photo editing is comparatively more demanding than web browsing and office use. Photoshop CC can run with 2.5GB RAM, but a memory of 8GB is recommended for better and smoother performance. 

Gaming Laptops

You know that every gaming laptop must have the best graphics and processor in addition to memory. Mid-range gaming requires about 4-8GB of RAM. You can select 16GB and 32GB RAM if you play heavy and advanced games.

So, that’s all about the factors that determine what memory you need on your laptop. I hope you’ve liked our article.


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