5 Best Laptops For ABLETON LIVE 10 In 2022

As music lovers, recording artists, and sound producers, this article will curtail the stress of juggling between trials of different computer systems in a bid to explore high-quality audio and sound effects. Inarguably, one is faced with a lot of choices when it comes to purchasing laptops, but using the best laptops for Ableton can be really progressive for a career in music production. Here is the list of Best Laptops For ABLETON LIVE.

Best Laptops For ABLETON LIVE

What is Ableton

Ableton is software for computer-generated music. It functions as a digital audio workstation (DAW) and music sequencer which means it can be used for composing, recording, arranging, and mixing audio files. It was launched in 2001 and it is currently operating its tenth version. The current version, Ableton Live version 10, was launched in 2018. The version, in addition to other functions it serves, is designed as an instrument for live performances. Similar to the previous versions, Ableton Live 10 comes in three formats which are the Introversion, standard version, and suite version.

The Introversion is an introductory format of Ableton Live, it contains basic features while the standard version is equipped with improved software for the creation of music. The suite version contains an array of features, effects, and instruments than the other formats. With this, one can easily create any unique beat and effect.

How to download Ableton Live 10

Ableton Live 10 can be downloaded from the company website. To access it, visit www.ableton.com. The software can run on Macintosh Operating System (Mac OS) and Windows Operating System. However, there are a few suggested requirements by the company which laptops must meet for Ableton Live to work. To ensure a very smooth operation of the software, it is advisable to go beyond the minimum system criteria when making a choice.

The core components to take into consideration before getting a device for Ableton Live are the operating system, memory, and processor.

Operating System: Ableton Live can run on Intel Mac OS and Windows 7, 8, or 10.

RAM: This is very essential when deciding the laptop to use for Ableton. At least 4GB memory is required for the software to run on the PC but 8GB or more is recommended.

Processor: One of the necessary make-ups for any laptop functional system is its central processing unit. An efficient and powerful processor is required for optimal performance. U-configuration processor laptops are known to be power-efficient and are recommended as the best laptops for Ableton.

Minimum Specifications of Best Laptops for Ableton Live 10

For Mac OS:

Operating System: Intel Mac ( Mac OS × 10.11.6 or higher)

RAM: 4GB but 8GB and more are recommended.

Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo processor, 6th-7th generation core i5 and i7 CPUs.

For Windows OS:

Operating System: Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10.

RAM: 8GB memory or more is recommended.

Processor: 64-bit Intel; Intel core i5 CPU.

Other Features to Consider

Port: This is an important system requirement for the selection of the best laptops for Ableton. An ideal laptop for Ableton Live is recommended to have an HDMI port, 2 USB 3.0/ Type-C connections, also 3.5mm audio input/output. Laptops with High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) ports help to transmit and receive high-quality audio which is important in music production.

Storage: Most laptops have built-in storage of about 256GB but that may not be enough for the effective working of Ableton Live. This, hard disk drive (HDD) or solid-state drive (SSD) is also important to supplement for storage space. A minimum of 256GB SSD or 512 SSD is recommended.

Display: Ableton Live software has toggles that require a good display resolution. A minimum of 1024 × 768 pixels is required.

From all these specifications and reviews from users, one can draw up a list of laptops that meet the standard and beyond. Here’s an overview of the selections for the best laptops for Ableton.




ASUS ZenBook Pro Duo UX581 15.6Asus laptops are known to offer a good user experience and affordability. The brand has different laptops varying in design, storage capacity, and performance. Asus Zenbook Pro Duo happens to be one of the best laptops for Ableton. It is packed with a 9th generation Intel Core i9 processor and incredible storage space of 1TB SSD.


Operating System: Windows 10

Processor: 9th generation Intel Core i9-9980HK Quad-core processor (up to 5.0GHz).

RAM: 32 GB memory

Storage: 1TB SSD

Interface: Thunderbolt 3 USB Type C, HDMI 2.0 port, 3.5mm audio jack, USB Type-A 3.1 Gen 2 ports.

Display: Screen size of 15.6 inches with a display resolution of 3840 × 2160 pixels.


In terms of design, the Asus Zenbook Pro Duo has unique design features. It is slim with round edges accompanied by 4k LED display.

It offers a variety of tools and built-in apps for quick controls and multitasking on the device. Powered by eight-core 9th generation Intel Core i9 processors which enhance the strength of its performance.

It is commendable for the solid build and the ease at which it can comfortably handle apps on the main screen delivering responsive multitasking performance.

The device offers an excellent graphics experience with an increased range of vivid colors and its Nanoedge bezel touch makes for an amazing touchpad.

Asus Zenbook Pro Duo is packed with a Thunderbolt 3 USB-C port which gives it incredible speed in terms of connectivity. It has a RAM of 32GB and a storage space of 1TB SSD, one of the features that put it top of the list of the best laptops for Ableton Live.

It also possesses an incredible cooling design that consists of a lid and aerospace titanium vapor chambers which allows more air ventilation.

The device comes with built-in speakers with Smart AMP technology and an array microphone with voice-recognition support. With 8 cells rechargeable 71 Wh Li-polymer battery, the device is sure to have a battery standby of 8-9 hours.

Asus ZenBook Pro Duo UX581

  • 15.6” 4K UHD NanoEdge Bezel Touch
  • Intel Core i7-9750H
  • 16GB RAM
  • 1TB PCIe SSD
  • GeForce RTX 2060
  • Innovative Screenpad Plus
  • Windows 10 Pro

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  • Wonderful design and display.
  • Workflow efficiency.
  • Quality audio system.


  • The high cost (about $2900 on Amazon)


Apple MacBook ProApple MacBook offers products of different specifications that are recommended for their unique design and durability. Mac OS laptops are said to be advantageous over Windows OS laptops in terms of longevity. They tend to last longer with good performance.

Anyone looking for the best laptops for Ableton with speed, portability, and quality design features would want to consider Apple MacBook Pro 15.


Operating System: Mac OS × 10.13

Processor: 9th generation 6-core Intel Core i7-9750H 2.6Hz


Storage: 512 GB SSD but can be configured to 1TB SSD

Interface: 4×Thunderbolt 3 USB Type-C, 3.5mm headset jack/stereo speakers.

Display: 15.4 inches screen size with 2880 × 1800 retina display resolution.


The model is powered by a 9th generation six-core Intel i7-9750H processor which gives it a strong build and accounts for its speed. There is a touch bar with an integrated touch ID sensor at the top of the keyboard that enables control of apps and shortcuts. It helps with easy cursor control and navigation.

It has a combination of four Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) ports which are important for good transfer speed which is one of the things that enhances super connectivity features in the device. The Type-C ports are reversible, can be plugged upside or downside, and can be used for charging via a USB-C cable.

The device has a dual discrete graphics processor which gives it an incredible design experience. The 512GB SSD gives it good storage space for any level of workload. It is also packed with amazing stereo speakers with a high dynamic range and quality sound.

Another amazing feature this device possesses is the built-in 83.6 Watt-hour Lithium-polymer battery that gives it about 10 hours battery standby. All these amazing features earn it the position as one of the best laptops for Ableton, but the cost can pose a bit of a challenge.

New Apple MacBook Pro

  • Display 16-inch (diagonal) LED-backlit Retina display
  • Processor 2.6GHz 6-core 9th-generation Intel Core i7 processor with Turbo Boost up
  • Battery Up to 11 hours wireless web battery life
  • Touch Bar/ID Touch Bar and Touch ID
  • Storage 512GB or 1TB SSD

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  • Excellent connectivity features.
  • Good battery life.
  • Great display and graphics.
  • Good speed and high-quality sound.
  • It is expensive ( about $2400 on Amazon)



Prostar NH58DDW 15.6 Inch FHD 144Hz, Intel i7Prostar laptops are recommended for their reliability and design features. Prostart NH70DQ is a model that comes with an HDMI output port which gives it an edge in transmitting high-definition audio.


Operating System: Windows 10 Home (64 – bit)

Processor: Six-core Intel i7-9750H 2.6 GHz processor.

RAM: 32 GB

Storage: 500 GB SSD

Interface: 1 HDMI output port with HDCP support, Audio Jack (headphone/microphone), 1 Display port, USB 3.1 Gen 2 (Type-C), 1 USB 3.1 port (Type – A).

Display: 17.3- inch screen size with full HD 1920 × 1080 resolution.


The laptop is a plus for its lightning speed. It is equipped with a 9th generation Intel Core i7 processor which gives it an amazing performance. It has an improved cooling fan design that uses more blades to increase air ventilation for the CPU. When it comes to storage, the device comes with a 500GB SSD + 2TB HDD which affords it an edge in storage capacity.

The screen size is another impressive feature. A very generous size of 17.3 inches is offered by this model accompanied by good graphics capability and wide view angle. It also comes with a single room multi-color illuminated full-size keyboard of about 15 colors to choose from which gives it a unique look and design.

The audio system, it has two built-in stereo speakers and an array microphone. A solid sound blaster cinema 5 which accounts for its good sound effect. It also has one HDMI port that transmits high-definition audio. Prostar NH70RDQ is equipped with removable 4 cells Lithium-ion 48.99 Watt-hour battery that gives it about 7-8 hours standby.

Prostar NH58DDW

  • 15.6 Inch FHD 144Hz
  • Intel i7-10875H
  • RTX 2060
  • 16GB 3200Mhz
  • 1TB NVMe SSD
  • Windows 10 Home

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  • Good display features.
  • Amazing speed and performance.
  • Good storage capacity
  • Recommendable sound effect.
  • It is heavy.
  • The battery capacity is not impressive.


Acer Predator Helios 300 Gaming LaptopAcer predator laptops fall under one of the best gaming laptops. There are different models with a variety of features and specifications such as Acer Nitro, Acer Aspire, as well as Acer Predator. There are some features Acer predator has that make it suitable for Ableton 10. The features ensure compatibility with workloads like gaming and make it lag-free to run Ableton software.


Operating System: Windows 10 (64 – bit)

Processor: Intel Core i7-8750H six-core processor 2.2 GHz.

RAM: 16GB memory

Storage: 256GB SSD

Interface: 1 Mini Display port, I HDMI 2.0 port with HDCP support, 1 × USB 3.1 Type C Gen 2 port, 4 × USB 3.0 Gen 1, 3.5mm combined headphone and microphone jack.

Display: 15.6 – inch screen size with a display resolution of 1920 × 1080 pixels.


Acer Predator Helios 300 is admirable for the unbeatable gaming performance it offers for the price. However, it comes with a hard drive storage capacity which is rather too low for gaming but there is a configuration for upgrades. The device offers a decent sound system with a 3.5mm combined headphone and microphone jack and stereo speakers.

In terms of connectivity, Acer Predator Helios 300 comes with a good number of ports which include an Ethernet port and four USB 3.1 ports which are distributed across the sides of the device. On the left side are the Ethernet port, USB Type C port, HDMI output, and SD card slot. While a pair of USB 2.0 ports and a headphone jack can be found on the right side. The device does not have a card reader which makes it difficult to transfer files from a memory card without an adapter.

The device is equipped with 6 code 8th generation Intel Core i7-8750H processors which allow for performance and good response time. It has a great touchpad and keyboard with a standard layout. It is powered with a 4-cells 58.75Wh Lithium-Polymer battery which gives it a standby period of about seven hours.

Acer Predator Helios 300 Gaming Laptop

  • Intel Core i7-9750H
  • GeForce GTX 1660 Ti
  • 15.6 Full HD 144Hz Display
  • 16GB DDR4 RAM
  • 512GB PCIe NVMe SSD
  • GB Backlit Keyboard

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  • Great port selection.
  • Impressive gaming performance.
  • Decent sound system.
  • Poor display quality.
  • Battery life is not impressive.

5. DELL XPS 13 9370

Dell XPS 13 9370 Laptop: Core i7-8550U, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSDDell laptops are recommended for their high performance, battery life, and portability. In terms of performance, design, and affordability, there is a wide range of Dell laptops to choose from ranging from Dell Inspiron, G-series, Latitude, Precision, Alienware, and Dell XPS.

Dell XPS 9370 is equipped with a power-efficient processor that enhances its performance, this, earns it a position on the list of best laptops for Ableton.


Operating System: Windows 10

Processor: 8th generation Intel Core i7-8550U Quad-core processor.

RAM: 8GB memory

Storage: 256GB SSD

Interface: 1 card reader, 1 headset jack, 1 USB-C 3.1 with PowerShare, 2 Thunderbolt 3 with PowerShare.

Display: Screen size of 13.3 inches with 4k Ultra HD 3840 × 2160 display resolution.


Dell XPS 9370 is designed with 8th generation Intel Core i7-8565U and is admirable for its solid performance and ability to handle demanding loads due to its powerful and efficient processor. The device has four arrays of a digital microphone with a stereo speaker which offers it a good audio performance.

In terms of connectivity, the device has 2 × Thunderbolt 3 ports with a good audio jack and card reader but it does not have HDMI which poses an issue for transmitting high definition audio. It has a memory of 8GB which is sufficient to run Ableton but a larger memory is more recommended. It has 6 cells 52Wh battery with about 8 hours of battery life.

Dell XPS 13 9370 Laptop

  • Core i7-8550U
  • 8GB RAM
  • 256GB SSD
  • 13.3 Full HD IPS Display
  • Backlit Keyboard
  • Windows 10

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  • Good display quality.
  • Standard battery life.
  • Strong build.
  • No Type-A port or HDMI.
  • Unimpressive storage space.

Furthermore, Ableton 10 is an amazing DAW. The unique tools and features it has to make it a preferred music sequencer for shows, and concerts. It has the ability to run sequences in non-linear mode and allow one to effect live changes on a material without stopping the audio engine. The list of laptops discussed in this article offers a variety of options to make your choice from. They all consist of specifications that qualify them as the best laptops for Ableton.


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